What is LatinLime?

History of LatinLime

Back in 2004, a young man named Erik Mayor set out on a mission to take pictures of people in nightclubs. One year and over a million pictures later, LatinLime was able to build a massive following of partiers. It was at this point where LatinLime propelled itself to the main stage and began hosting their own parties and events in New York City’s biggest nightclubs. From Copacabana to Latin Quarters, from lounges to restaurants…LatinLime was there providing a stream of people that knew how to party.

LatinLime Quarterly Events

The Plan, The Vision, The Future of LatinLime.com

LatinLime introduces it's Quarterly Events. We will host 4 events a year spread out approximately every 3 months. These events are for mature audiences. These nostalgic events intend to bring the fun, the energy and the excitement back on the dance floor even if its just every 3 months. LatinLime Quarterly events...be there and don't get left out.

LatinLime Photo Gallery

Just a few of LatinLimes sexiest pictures of some of our parties...